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Closed Ultraviolet Sterilizer

The Strategy of Multiple Barriers Disinfection
The traditional single chlorine disinfection method has been unable to provide comprehensive security barrier. Cryptosporidium and Giardia are resistant of Chlorine. UV is the most efficient and best cost performance method to inactivate the two items, which is proven. In addition, UV can expand the control coverage of microbial, reducing the dosage of chemical disinfectants and by-product. It also can guarantee the stability of pipe network biological stability. When other disinfection process fault, UV disinfection can be safe security and emergency.

The closed ultraviolet sterilizer
The closed ultraviolet sterilizer includes UV lamp, sleeves, stainless steel pipes and case, PLC control center and so on. It can effectively kill Cryptosporidium parvum and Giardia lamblia.                                                                                                       


The Characteristics of product
(1) It can disifect kinds of microorganisms. It is more effective for those microorganisms, such as pathogenic protozoa, bacterimu, virus;
(2) It has no secondary pollution, and it does not produce secondary pollutants in water body and the surrounding environment;
(3) It has the lowest operating cost, only needs small area, the operation and maintenance are safe and reliable;
(4) Simple process, electrical connections and system installation convenient; 
(5) All automatic operate and control system, with alarm system; 
(6) Compact structure, flexible design, small footprint, modularity structure;
(7) Powerful electromagnetic ballast’s work life is longer than electric ballast, more stable performance;

Application Fields
(1) wastewater treatment; 
(2) reclaimed water recycling;
(3) Swimming Pool Circulating Water;
(5) drinking water and bottled water
(4) aquiculture