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Heyuan municipal party committee secretary He Zhongyou, to Heyuan oceanpower postdoctoral industrial base research

View:2346        DateTime:2012/3/15

The afternoon of December 19,  Heyuan municipal party committee secretary He Zhongyou, Accompanied by Municipal Committee, Secretary-General Lai Zehua ,  Municipal Committee  Vice Mayor Ye Changnong  to Heyuan oceanpower postdoctoral industrial base research.

The Executive Director, President of oceanpower ShareHE Wei-ping  Received the research group and reported the development situation of the industrial base .  Party Secretary He affirmed the achievements that the base have made in” the application of new materials of the green low-carbon road "and" depth of sewage processing applications program “and independent innovation, standardization strategy.

Based on the Understanding of the development status of oceanpower ,Party Secretary He said ,Heyuan municipal and government and enterprises should join hands forward and to overcome difficulties , provide quality and efficient services for the enterprise , and increasing support to help enterprises to actively explore new markets, support enterprises bigger and stronger, and enhance the competitiveness of the enterprise to make a fortune in local development