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CEO Polo HE is engaged as the member of the Heyuan Social Innovation and Consulting Committee.

View:2338        DateTime:2012/12/13

A few days ago, CEO Polo He was engaged as the member of the Social Innovation and Consulting Committee in the inaugural meeting. The committee will take positive part in the consulting activities by the Heyuan Community Working Committee and offer advice and suggestions on the social development of the city; it will also participate in the research activities and submit the study results and opinions; Professional guidance is also a part of its job.

The establishment of the Heyuan Social Innovation and Consulting Committee will be of great importance to improve democracy and scientificalness of the decision-making on the social construction, innovate the social management and promote the balanced development of economic and society. The final 12 committee members are composed of experts, famous persons and people with full experience of social construction. The committee will work as consulting organization for decision-making on social construction; the principal functions are to do the researching, offer advice and suggestions and hold related activities.